The Helmi Pattern from Named Clothing

As this was my first time making this pattern I thought it would be helpful to list a few things that I need to remember for the next one:

  1. You are definitely not 5ft 8”.
  2. Shorten the sleeves
  3. Try without a dropped hem at the back
  4. Wear with a belt for a fitted look
  5. Do not iron over the buttons - it shows…

When I first put on my finished Helmi I really felt that I had made a formal nighty. It was so long and so frumpy. A major no no. I knew this wasn’t a fitted garment and I’m always on the prowl for secret pyjamas, but this was too much.
I had unfortunately skipped the part where Named Clothing kindly point out “The patterns are designed for the height of 172 cm / 5ft 8” …oops. I’m definitely 5ft 4”. 

Nevertheless I wore it to The Knitting and Stitching show. I rolled up the sleeves and wore a jazzy jacket to make it look less nun-like. But I had already started thinking about the changes I wanted to make. Named Clothing are so great with their instructions and even say to redesign their patterns to suit you!

So I shortened the sleeves by 24cm, (there was an option for a cropped length sleeve which I stupidly didn’t choose in the beginning) and then shortened the hem by 3cm but it could actually go a bit shorter. 

Alas, much better!

It’s very comfy, and will be great sans tights.
I really like the hidden buttons and the collar which looks really unique and I've definitely learnt a lot for the next time I make this!