Spring Knitting and Stitching Show Haul

This was my first time visiting the Knitting and Stitching Show and after seeing the amount of stalls that were exhibiting I realised it had to be a 2 day trip. I didn’t really have an action plan for the 2 days except a workshop on the Friday which was ‘Handmade Book with Fabric Cover’ taught by Sue Cotten. This workshop was so good that book making has become my new obsession. After the workshop I wanted to dive into the stalls. It was pretty hectic and I kept seeing something glorious and saying ‘ooh I’ll come back and buy that’ or ‘I’ll get that tomorrow’ so many times that I actually forgot the things - quickly realised this mistake and started taking notes.

The show quietened down around 2.30pm so I really got to see the stalls in all their glory. It was hard to absorb it all and I ended up only buying 1 thing on the first day, a pair of Wool and The Gang 15mm knitting needles. As you can see I’ve already cast on a project, how could I resist? They. Are. Beautiful. 

I went home with all my notes knowing that I would be returning on the Saturday. This time I was going with my friend Beth. It was so so so good going with someone else especially as Beth has some different interests to me such as fat quarters! I’d never really felt the desire to buy fabric in fat quarter length before but after the book making workshop on Friday my eyes were open to the world of fat quarters.

These ones are from the stall Bombay Stores really caught my eye because they are shiny (I might be part magpie). I love the two tone affect of the 2 centre pieces, the centre left being gold/blue and the centre right being gold/peach. I got these for £1.50 each - I am all about the bargains, it’s in my blood. 


I also got a half metre/end of the bolt cotton for £3, which I thought would make great pockets if not used for book covers.



Of course I couldn’t help myself from snapping up some insanely soft jersey from Girl Charlee. It was the last 1.1m and I got it for £6.


This Girl Charlee jersey has a really lovely drape and is so so soft, I’m thinking a Named Clothing Anneli double front tee or a classic Tilly AgnesHowever far I can get with 1.1m of jersey!




You could say I’m a bit in love with the new Named Clothing Playground collection so most (all) of the fabric I bought was with those patterns in mind.



This mustard stretch cotton from Higgs and Higgs is really sturdy and immediately caught my attention. It was my most expensive purchase at £12.99 a metre but I couldn’t walk away from it. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 21.04.46.png


I am really feeling the new Named Clothing Ronja Dungarees for this mustard fabric. I have a holiday planned for November, so I think I have some time to make this one....



We spent a good hour of the Saturday trying to battle through the crowds, and decided to pop out for lunch. When we returned at around 3.30 it was the most miraculous sight. It had completely quietened down. No hustle and bustle. Complete craft fair serenity.





I know what you’re thinking, who has a need for 3 mis-matching buttons? But I was thinking about the book covers again.

These buttons were £1.20 each, and there was a selection of about 70 to choose from, so walking away with only 3 was an accomplishment. 




A good pair of snips. I didn’t have any and these little guys are super handy and at £2?!


Last but most certainly not least, possibly even my favourite purchase was this viscose (I think) from Simply Fabrics. I love it soooooo much, I may even make a trip to Brixton to get some more because at £4 a metre who could resist?!

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 21.18.06.png


And here is another Named Clothing pattern that this fabric must become. The Reeta dress. Hellooooo Reeta. 


I am seriously in love with this pattern. It looks so comfortable and flowy I just want to wear it right now and this fabric is beyond perfect.



I can't decide on my favourite part of the show,  the stalls? the community? the crafty haven? But I have to say I love love loved the workshop! and will definitely be booking into more at the next one!