One thing that's for certain, Tilly definitely knows how to write sewing instructions. The Arielle pattern clearly states it's for beginners and it definitely is. It's beautifully laid out, it holds your hand where you need it and you really feel like you achieve something when finishing it.
Tilly has even written in-depth blog posts with helpful guides to assist you if you need it when making this pattern.

Some of Tilly's patterns are short in length, but there are usually alternative lengths to choose from and/or guides to lengthen or shorten in certain places.
I didn't want to make the knee length skirt but I'm also not a huge fan of my thighs, my favourite length is above the knee by about an inch/inch and a half. So even though I chose to cut the mini skirt length instead of doing a 4cm hem at the bottom I opted for a 1.5cm hem. This was just my personal preference and I only decided to change it when trying the skirt on before hemming.

I'm reeeeally pleased with the way this skirt turned out. I found the fabric in the huge vintage store Snoopers Paradise in the North Laines in Brighton. It was in a stack of vintage fabrics right in the back and it was £6 for 1.5 metres (BARGAIN) I couldn't resist. I didn't know what I was going to make with it at the time but it was my birthday and I'd just found the jazziest vintage fabric such a result!

A few days later I was in John Lewis with bff Beth and I remembered they stock Tilly patterns. The Arielle skirt had caught my attention way back when I first got into dressmaking. But for some reason I'd never bought it?! This is the magpie in me again - distracted by all the things. And I knew then, the Arielle would be perfect for that vintage fabric! And I was right.

I also used the hammer in jeans buttons from Fabricland in Kingston which Rosabella showed in her vlog. These buttons look amazing, I love the shiny silver in contrast to the bold fabric, I'm really happy I chose to use them. You definitely do need a hammer and a flat surface, I was hoping I could just use some strength and press them together but alas they are definitely hammer in. 

This skirt is versatile because you can pick any of the colours out of it for a matching top or go contrast like me. You can also wear this skirt in the Autumn/Winter with thick tights and boots and tuck in a jumper to keep that high waisted look. And of course it's perfect for spring and summer! It's an all-yearer. Yep I just made that word up.