The Pink Reeta by Named Clothing

As this was my second Reeta I thought I'd have some fun and make some tweaks - hence the short hem, which has been handy for the warmer weather. Although I like this alteration I do think that the original midi length gives the Reeta something special and 'stand-outish' about it and I probably wouldn't alter that again. But as this fabric was on the higher end of my budget I didn't mind paying for less ;)

I picked up this pink crepe fabric from Ditto Fabrics back in April on my birthday. Such a beautiful soft pink that these pictures don't do justice!! 

I'm not completely sure what happened, but the collar came out smaller than intended - which I only noticed once I'd finished. I don't really mind it because it kinda blends in, but once you know it's there (my inner control freak is having a mini meltdown.)

I picked up the plaited rope from Paperchase. I'd looked everywhere for some matching cord and when I spotted this rope I was very happy!

On both of my Reetas I have followed the instructions which say to add the pockets on at an early stage, and on both of my Reetas my markings, or my sewing or something has made them misalign! As this fabric shows up any needle insertions I'm super worried if I were to unpick the pockets and realign them, I'd be left with holes (ARGH!!!) So next time definitely adding the pockets at the end.

I've hand sewn the buttons closed at the bottom just incase, as they're on the smaller side. I do think without the shiny buttons and the rope this dress could look a bit like a nurse's uniform, but up close the fabric gives it such a delicate drape, it's really very lovely!
I've already raved about this pattern, but to repeat: I really love how comfortable and characteristic it is.