The Reeta Dress from Named Clothing


Remember that beautiful fabric from Simply Fabrics that I got at The Knitting and Stitching show? Well here it is! It was such fantastic fabric to work with, a touch slippery which was challenging but worth it for that drape! 


Luckily I remembered this time that Named Clothing patterns are for the 5ft 8” people of the world so I nipped off 4” from the bottom of the dress. Must remember next time to also do that to the facing. 


The Reeta dress was definitely my biggest sewing challenge to date. When making this dress I found that some of the instructions were very complicated. I would of loved more illustrations or even a video tutorial. This dress took me around 3/4 days to make because I got stuck for hours trying to work out the yoke stage. I ended up emailing Named Clothing asking them for help and they very kindly forwarded me on to this alternative tutorial from Grainline studio’s blog



I managed to work out the sewing instructions from Named after attempting the step many many times. Even asking family members with no sewing experience what they thought and searching endless pages on the internet. I was dedicated to finishing it and if you follow me on Instagram you know there were some casualties...



The small plain silver buttons are from Weaverdee and the top statement button was found in a charity shop (win!) 



Now that I can reflect on this pattern it's easy to say..
This. Dress. Is. AMAZING.
I love it. It’s the perfect outfit for spring. It’s long enough to keep the spring chill off the legs but the slits up the side mean when the sun comes out it’s breezy enough to keep you cool.



I pretty much always consider my first attempt at a pattern to be the practice/wearable toile. Which thankfully this is. I mean it had to be, there was no way I was going to waste that fabric. 


I love the sleeve length and the collar. It’s a dress that can be made up to be formal but can also be an outfit to wear on a picnic. I love its variety. 


I think I’ll change the drawstring to a black one as the cream is a bit too contrast with the pattern and colour. And I still need to add an extra button on the bottom.


This pattern is so good, I’ve already finished the next one. And it's blush pink! This time, the difficult yoke stage was a doddle ;)